Runescape Money Making Guide

If you’re into MMORPGs, like me, you’ve probably heard of one called RuneScape. If you’ve played it, you know how hard it can be to make money. If you’re a non-member, then it’s even worse. As soon as you start off, all of your skills are 1 (from what I remember). It’s not easy to make money with those skill levels. So, here are some ways to start rolling in the dough.

  1. Woodcutting is an awesome way to go. At level 1 woodcutting, it still isn’t going to get you far. What you need to do is chop normal trees until 15 woodcutting. After that, you can chop oak trees. I suggest heading to Falador. In front of the main entrance to Falador, there are lots of trees along the wall. Plenty of oaks. Chop those until 30 woodcutting. Now, head to Draynor. It’s usually quite crowded, but there’s probably a world that’s not so bad. You should keep chopping these until 60 woodcutting. What you really need to do is get a membership, though. If you’re a member, go to Seers’ Village. From what I remember, if you go a little North-west of the bank, in Seers’ Village, there’ll be a small cluster of willows, which is a good place to chop them. At 60 woodcutting, if you’re a non-member, you can stay around Falador and chop yews there. If you’re a member, and you’re in Seers’ Village, because of chopping willows, head south of the bank. There should be a mansion, or something. In the front yard of that mansion, (or whatever it is) there will be 6 yews, I think. However, chopping yews can be VERY slow, thus not gaining you a lot of experience. I actually just chopped willows in Seers’ Village, until I was 75 woodcutting. So, if you’re a member, and you’re interested in just getting your woodcutting to 75 to start really making money, keep chopping willows near the Seers’ Village bank. If you’re a non-member, you can go back to Draynor and cut willows there, to increase your woodcutting faster so that you can chop yews faster. After you’ve got 75 woodcutting, (by the way, this will take you a while) start chopping those Magic Trees. When I last sold some, they were going for about 1k each. I don’t what the price is now. If you’re still a non-member, and you have 75 woodcutting, yews should be chopped a lot easier now. That’s about it, for woodcutting.
  2. Another way to make a lot of money is fishing. Fishing, in my opinion, is actually much easier than woodcutting. It doesn’t require as much attention. For starting out, I recommend net fishing at Port Sarim. Keep doing that until you have 20 fishing. After that, it’s time to head over to Barbarian Village and fly fish. You should easily be able to locate the fishing spot. Keep fly fishing until you have 40 fishing. It’s lobster time, now. For members, go to Catherby. There are tons of places to catch lobsters here. Keep catching those lobsters until you have 76 fishing. As for non-members, I think Karamja is the only place for lobsters. In fact, Karamja is where you’ll probably spend the rest of your time fishing, as a non-member. After you have 76 fishing, as a member, you can catch sharks. You may have heard that sharks take a while to get, but I don’t think that’s the case. They don’t take much longer than sword fish. Unfortunately, sharks don’t sell for as much as they used to. People also don’t seem to buy them as much. I’ve got about 3.7k (3,700) sharks in my bank that I couldn’t sell, before my membership ran out. I’ve yet to renew it and sell those. Anyway, I think sharks only go for around 800 now. The good thing is, it’s faster than woodcutting and it doesn’t require as much attention.
  3. A third way to make money is fletching. I’m not going to go into this much. You, basically, cut logs, and level up your woodcutting. If you have 75 woodcutting, and you’re just now starting to fletch, then good. This’ll make it easier. Just chop the wood for the best kind of thing you can make with fletching. Keep building up that fletching level until you can fletch magic logs. Also, if you have the money, buy willows logs. About 3k, at a time. That’ll only cost you about 100k, which isn’t bad, if you have 76 fishing or 75 woodcutting. It’ll save you lots of time.
  4. The fourth, and final way I suggest to make money, is merchanting. Basically, you buy an item for the cheapest you can get it, and then sell it for the maximum amount you can. For example, buy a dragon longword for 90k, sell it for 110k. You’ve just made an easy 20k. Lots of people make money this way. After you’ve got enough, you can start merchanting the big stuff, like Abyssal Whips. When I bought my whip, it was 1.8M. However, people would sell them for as much as 2.1M. There’s 300k in merchanting, right there. The prices seemed to have dropped, as usual, though. You could try getting one for 1.5M and then selling it for 1.7M. That’s still 200k, but that’s probably the maximum you’ll be able to get. Try going for the more popular items. It definitely helps. If you’re making enough money from these tips to merchant party hats, you’re in for some real profit.

Now, as you probably assumed, doing all these things are much easier by being a member. If you’re young, and you don’t get money very often, just type articles on here and they’ll pay you for it. So, if you become a member (or even if you stay as a non-member) and you follow these steps, in no time, you’ll be making millions.

Runescape: The Best Game Ever

If you are looking for a fun and engaging online multiplayer experience, but do not have the means to pay for a game such as World of Warcraft that has a monthly fee, then Runescape is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a fun online experience without having to pay.
If you are looking for a game with a storyline then Runescape might not be the best game for you. There is no actual story and no way to “beat” the game. That said what makes Runescape so fun is the fact that each player can set their own goals without being restricted to a story. If you just want to focus on say, mining for example, then you can just mine all day. The tutorial is also quite helpful and will explain many aspects of the game. The combat might be disappointing to some who want a more involved combat system, all you really do is just click on the enemy you want to attack and the game does the rest. A good thing about the combat though is that for each weapon there are different styles that train attack, strength, and defence. You can also train ranged and magic. The game also doesn’t require you to install any software or download anything because it runs using java and you can just use your browser. This does limit the games graphics though, but I find that I have no problem with the visuals and it doesn’t detract from the gameplay. The music is quite simple, but you can unlock different songs during your travels which is quite nice.

Runescape is probably my most favourite game right now. I guess it’s because it’s easy to access due to the fact that you just need an internet browser and that there is so much content available, even to free players. There are a total of 25 skills available to members and 16 skills available to free players. What I like about Runescape is the fact that you can basically do whatever you wants, you can choose to just improve you mining or woodcutting, or you can just train your combat skills and just kill monsters all day. You can smith your own armour, make your own runes for magic and catch fish to eat. I would recommend Runescape for anyone looking for a fun, free online experience.