How to Get Housework Done While Playing World of Warcraft

Two PM on a Thursday and your dungeon queue just popped. The kids are still at school, so you have time to go kick some butt before you have to deal with them, but housework beckons. The living room floor is as littered with fuzz and little bits as the Lich King’s room is littered with bones. It’s a delicate balance.

Some may say, “Get off your lazy butt and clean the house, you loser!” but there is no reason you can’t gear up your level 85 mage and warrior and still keep a clean house.

1 — Make a List of What You Need to Get Done

Max VP on my mage
Scub the toilet
Grind Sporregar rep
Fold the laundry
Undercut 50 epic gem auctions
Put away the dishes

2 — Prioritize Based on Time Schedules

Some things can’t be done at different times. If your guild raids at 2 pm server time, you have to be there at 2 pm server time, whether the bathroom floor is clean or not. Plan to get everything else done before these types of events. Likewise, you need to have a nutritious and delicious dinner on the table by 6 pm. That comes before dungeons and quests.

3 — Use Down Time Wisely

If you’ve seen Elwynn Forrest from the air once, you’ve seen it one thousand times. When you hop the flight path to Booty Bay, don’t sit there and stare at the screen mindlessly. Get up and grab your mop. Taking a flight path rather than flying yourself only costs a few silver or gold, and provides valuable time to get housework done.

The same goes for waiting in dungeon queues. While you might use that time to get a few more pieces of embersilk for your epic cloth robes or get 50 more rep points toward your exalted achievement, you could also be finishing up the dishes or putting the basket of clean underwear away.

It is possible to get housework done while playing World of Warcraft. Budget your time wisely and stay focussed on all your goals. Also, remember to maintain cleanliness at all times so things don’t pile up. When your raid leader calls for a five-minute bio break, pick up the empty cans of Monster and Swedish Fish wrappers and take them to the trash can with you. To make things more exciting, consider each room to be a dungeon, and each pile of clutter an epic boss. Learn the most economical mechanics to get the work done quickly, and pwn that mess.

World of Warcraft Tips for Beginners: Surviving the First Day

As a beginner, it does not matter what race to start with in World of Warcraft because each race begins at a specific place in the game. Each starting zone in World of Warcraft has been designed to help a beginner to learn how to play and survive. A beginner can also use the World of Warcraft website at, just click here.
The first thing a beginner should take note of is the exclamation points that show up in boxes at the bottom of the screen. In World of Warcraft it is important for a beginner to click on those boxes and read the text, it will help immensely to do so. After the introductory narrative movie is done, a beginner will see a non-playing character (NPC) with yellow exclamation point over its head. In World of Warcraft, this is the first step in questing. Take a look on your minimap in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and you will see the same yellow exclamation mark. A beginner should use the minimap to locate quest-givers throughout the game, they will only show you quests that can be accomplished at your level so return to old locations once in a awhile to see if new quests have become available.

One of the many blunders that a beginner will make in World of Warcraft is, at level ten, when the players do not distribute their talent points. Beginning at level ten, all players will start to receive one talent point at every level. In World of Warcraft, players do not actually have to use these points to play the game, but a beginner will find himself at a huge disadvantage later on while trying to find a group to help get through a dungeon. There is no greater humiliation than for a beginner to be in a group with players who know how to play World of Warcraft and can tell that he is missing important skills and bonuses. Some World of Warcraft players are nice and will explain what needs to be done, others might laugh and make fun, but no one will want to bring a beginner along in a group with his crippled character. So, don’t forget to use the talent points in World of Warcraft.

Another important thing to learn quickly in World of Warcraft is what weapons a beginner should be seeking for his character. If a beginner is in a group a rogue and tries to take a mage’s staff from a World of Warcraft boss kill, he will be removed from the group very quickly.

Read the information that World of Warcraft gives to a beginner, talk to the NPCs with exclamation points, use the talent points, and learn your weapons. Follow these tips and a beginner will be well on his way to a successful and fun online gaming experience.

Earn Gold in World of Warcraft (Level 1-20)

Earning gold in World of Warcraft can be easy and fun. Presently I have 10 level 80 characters on 1 server and several lower level ones on a few other servers and have picked up tricks on both leveling and money-making in game that can really help out those cash-starved low-level characters just starting out. Buying gold, begging for gold and borrowing gold from friends or guild members are, in my opinion, not even an option so we are going to leave those totally out of the discussion.
First let me start off by saying I play exclusively horde characters, but the same general rules can be used either by horde or alliance characters.

Pick a race/class combination that you like but also more importantly a race/class combination that works well together because you will probably be spending a lot of time with your character and eventually will have the character as an end-game content raider. In this example let’s pick a Tauren Druid as your first character. There are a few reasons I select this combination, the first off being Tauren Druids are my favorite of all my characters but more importantly, Taurens get a bonus to the herbalism profession. This isn’t necessary but every little bit helps.

Start off by doing your questing, the first 10 levels can go by VERY quickly if you focus on leveling up. As you will notice very quickly your backpack will get full. Fast. Don’t drop anything if you can help it, sell all grey items at the vendors, sell all food and drink you get as well. At these low levels, it’s very easy to recover health and mana on your way to the next creature to kill. Keep white item gear and especially any green item drops. This will be part of your bread and butter.

As soon as you get to the first village (in this case, Bloodhoof Village) pick up skinning from the skinning trainer and a skinning knife. Unless they recently changed it, herbalism is only available from capitol cities, so as soon as you can, make your way to the capitol and pick that up as well. Once there (Thunder Bluff, if you are a Tauren Druid) also pick up a few small bags, 6 slot since you won’t have much money at this time.

Before leaving Thunder Bluff (or whichever capitol you are in) make a trip to the auction house. Here is where you will sell your white items and (if you got a lucky drop) green items. Don’t try to post things for extravagant prices that will be unlikely to be bought. Check the auction house for the items you have first, sell yours for less than any already posted. If none are posted, sell white items for 25-50 silver each, green items for 1-2g. This may seem a high price but it is not. You, as a starting character, may not have that kind of gold but most people at your level have rich alt characters that provide funds to their new low level characters. They usually don’t care about prices, they want the best gear for their leveling character. Once you hit level 10, you can probably stop auctioning the white armor and weapons and stick to green items, trade goods (leather, herb and such) and other profession drops such as meats for cooking.

Note of caution – DO NOT buy any auction house gear for your character. It’s a waste of money and quest rewards will provide you with the weapons and armor you need as you level up.

After your auctions are posted and your bags are empty again, go back out to leveling and let the auction house do your selling. While out leveling in the starter zone make sure to skin everything and pick up every herb you come across. Low level gathering supplies sell REALLY REALLY WELL. I have seen times where peacebloom is being sold at 50 gold per 20 stack! Now that is a bit outrageous to sell it at, but there is still lots of profit to be made.

As you are questing, if your bags get full up again, head to the nearest vendor and once again sell all grey items and food/water. If you have nothing but white, green and quest items in your pack, it’s time to head back to the auction house and sell, sell, sell. Sell leather scraps, leather and herbs in stacks of 5. There are 2 reasons for this – (1) people usually need a specific amount of leather or herbs when leveling professions and don’t always buy 20 stacks and (2) the cost per stack is lower giving the buyer the illusion (s)he is saving money. Not only that, if you sell them in 5 stacks and the next person is selling them in 20 stacks even if your price per item is the same, by default your lower cost items will appear in their list first giving a greater chance to sell.

I’ll stop here to also give another secret. If a buyer in the auction house is using the default auction house frame (without any auction addons) the sort method is by lowest BID price, not BUYOUT price. What does this mean to you? It means that you can post items in the auction house for the same or buyout price as your competitors as long as you undercut their bid price. Also, never post anything to the auction house as bid only. Always put in a buyout price.

While out questing, you usually have items to choose from for quest rewards. If none of the choices are an upgrade for you, choose the highest cost item. Get into this habit because it becomes important later in levels. Questing in the the 70+ range you can get quest reward weapons that are up to 15g. That is on top of the money the quest normally awards you with.

Keep with this rotation of quest, vendor, auction and by the time you hit level 20 (time for your first mount) you could easily have as much as 200g stored up.

Happy hunting and good luck with your drops!
Stay tuned for other helpful money-making and leveling tips I will be posting.