World of Warcraft Tips for Beginners: Surviving the First Day

As a beginner, it does not matter what race to start with in World of Warcraft because each race begins at a specific place in the game. Each starting zone in World of Warcraft has been designed to help a beginner to learn how to play and survive. A beginner can also use the World of Warcraft website at, just click here.
The first thing a beginner should take note of is the exclamation points that show up in boxes at the bottom of the screen. In World of Warcraft it is important for a beginner to click on those boxes and read the text, it will help immensely to do so. After the introductory narrative movie is done, a beginner will see a non-playing character (NPC) with yellow exclamation point over its head. In World of Warcraft, this is the first step in questing. Take a look on your minimap in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and you will see the same yellow exclamation mark. A beginner should use the minimap to locate quest-givers throughout the game, they will only show you quests that can be accomplished at your level so return to old locations once in a awhile to see if new quests have become available.

One of the many blunders that a beginner will make in World of Warcraft is, at level ten, when the players do not distribute their talent points. Beginning at level ten, all players will start to receive one talent point at every level. In World of Warcraft, players do not actually have to use these points to play the game, but a beginner will find himself at a huge disadvantage later on while trying to find a group to help get through a dungeon. There is no greater humiliation than for a beginner to be in a group with players who know how to play World of Warcraft and can tell that he is missing important skills and bonuses. Some World of Warcraft players are nice and will explain what needs to be done, others might laugh and make fun, but no one will want to bring a beginner along in a group with his crippled character. So, don’t forget to use the talent points in World of Warcraft.

Another important thing to learn quickly in World of Warcraft is what weapons a beginner should be seeking for his character. If a beginner is in a group a rogue and tries to take a mage’s staff from a World of Warcraft boss kill, he will be removed from the group very quickly.

Read the information that World of Warcraft gives to a beginner, talk to the NPCs with exclamation points, use the talent points, and learn your weapons. Follow these tips and a beginner will be well on his way to a successful and fun online gaming experience.