How to Get Housework Done While Playing World of Warcraft

Two PM on a Thursday and your dungeon queue just popped. The kids are still at school, so you have time to go kick some butt before you have to deal with them, but housework beckons. The living room floor is as littered with fuzz and little bits as the Lich King’s room is littered with bones. It’s a delicate balance.

Some may say, “Get off your lazy butt and clean the house, you loser!” but there is no reason you can’t gear up your level 85 mage and warrior and still keep a clean house.

1 — Make a List of What You Need to Get Done

Max VP on my mage
Scub the toilet
Grind Sporregar rep
Fold the laundry
Undercut 50 epic gem auctions
Put away the dishes

2 — Prioritize Based on Time Schedules

Some things can’t be done at different times. If your guild raids at 2 pm server time, you have to be there at 2 pm server time, whether the bathroom floor is clean or not. Plan to get everything else done before these types of events. Likewise, you need to have a nutritious and delicious dinner on the table by 6 pm. That comes before dungeons and quests.

3 — Use Down Time Wisely

If you’ve seen Elwynn Forrest from the air once, you’ve seen it one thousand times. When you hop the flight path to Booty Bay, don’t sit there and stare at the screen mindlessly. Get up and grab your mop. Taking a flight path rather than flying yourself only costs a few silver or gold, and provides valuable time to get housework done.

The same goes for waiting in dungeon queues. While you might use that time to get a few more pieces of embersilk for your epic cloth robes or get 50 more rep points toward your exalted achievement, you could also be finishing up the dishes or putting the basket of clean underwear away.

It is possible to get housework done while playing World of Warcraft. Budget your time wisely and stay focussed on all your goals. Also, remember to maintain cleanliness at all times so things don’t pile up. When your raid leader calls for a five-minute bio break, pick up the empty cans of Monster and Swedish Fish wrappers and take them to the trash can with you. To make things more exciting, consider each room to be a dungeon, and each pile of clutter an epic boss. Learn the most economical mechanics to get the work done quickly, and pwn that mess.