World of Warcraft Ultimate Armory Guide


Having good armor is one of the most significant factors that must be followed in the World of Warcraft. The reason? Because it acts as a source of keeping you alive during the gameplay. Since the guide is for characters that are above level 10, we won’t be listing any armory data providing platforms below it, so it’s recommended that you follow the guide once you reach the required level.

WoW Progress

It is arguable the best platform that contains every kind of information and data, from DPS rankings to gear scores for the world of warcraft armory. The moment you click on a character, you are provided with a lot of information, and the cool part is that it also displays other data like Languages, Raids Per Week, Mythic Plus Dungeons, Specs Playing, Looking for Guild etc., – Right under the character information section.

Apart from that, there are other unique and interesting features for the world of warcraft armory, such as DPS Information, Item Level, Achievement Points, PVE Scores, Mythic Experience, Gears, and Past & Recent Guilds. You can spend hours or days looking through every tiny bit of data, and that’s what makes WoW Progress special.

Warcraft Logs

Warcraft Logs is also on par with WoW Progress, so it’s basically either that or this. The reason why Warcraft Logs is high in ratings is that it’s a great source when it comes to choosing a genuine armory alternative. Some of the aspects that set this platform apart from the others are its Recent Activity Tab, and the character information that you can gather here is; Item Level, Achievement Points, Rankings (Mythic, Heroic, Normal), Gears, Talents, and Statistics.

Simple Armory

It’s true that simplicity for wowarmory is the best, and that’s the case with Simple Armory. This platform is all about the information on the character’s achievements, mounts, and pets. In-depth; you can view your achievement status (PVP, Exploration, Reputation, Profession, etc.), you can check your collectables (Companions, Pets, Mounts, etc.), you can check your current reputation status (depending upon your respective faction), and there’s even a calendar that displays the date of when your achievements were completed. Other than that, you can easily access the platform by clicking the top-right menu, and there’s also a Contact button that can be used to get in touch with the listed player.

Was there an official mobile armory application developed by Blizzard?

The answer is an obvious yes because in the era that we live in, having such a source of an information provider that is accessible on every device is necessary, especially for wow armory. The application was available for both Android, as well as Apple to make sure that no user is left out. The WoW Mobile Armory was meant to keep you attached to the game, and that is even if you’re not playing. You could check every information on your character, along with the statistics and gear, and at the same time, you could also look for other characters, items, and guilds, or even chat with the members of your guild. Apart from that, the Auction House was also available on the application for wowarmory. I mean, what more could anyone ask for?

What are your thoughts?

So, it’s time to wrap up, and there you have it –three of the best wow armory alternative platforms that you can freely use. If it’s not to your liking, you can always hop to some of the newly developed mobile applications for some exciting stuff.