Runescape: The Best Game Ever

If you are looking for a fun and engaging online multiplayer experience, but do not have the means to pay for a game such as World of Warcraft that has a monthly fee, then Runescape is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a fun online experience without having to pay.
If you are looking for a game with a storyline then Runescape might not be the best game for you. There is no actual story and no way to “beat” the game. That said what makes Runescape so fun is the fact that each player can set their own goals without being restricted to a story. If you just want to focus on say, mining for example, then you can just mine all day. The tutorial is also quite helpful and will explain many aspects of the game. The combat might be disappointing to some who want a more involved combat system, all you really do is just click on the enemy you want to attack and the game does the rest. A good thing about the combat though is that for each weapon there are different styles that train attack, strength, and defence. You can also train ranged and magic. The game also doesn’t require you to install any software or download anything because it runs using java and you can just use your browser. This does limit the games graphics though, but I find that I have no problem with the visuals and it doesn’t detract from the gameplay. The music is quite simple, but you can unlock different songs during your travels which is quite nice.

Runescape is probably my most favourite game right now. I guess it’s because it’s easy to access due to the fact that you just need an internet browser and that there is so much content available, even to free players. There are a total of 25 skills available to members and 16 skills available to free players. What I like about Runescape is the fact that you can basically do whatever you wants, you can choose to just improve you mining or woodcutting, or you can just train your combat skills and just kill monsters all day. You can smith your own armour, make your own runes for magic and catch fish to eat. I would recommend Runescape for anyone looking for a fun, free online experience.